Frequently Asked Questions

What does Satva Mean?
Satva means Pure in Sanskrit. We will curate natural beauty products which are free from Parabens  & other harsh chemicals which are not good for the skin in the long term.  Our goal is to provide an affordable way to discover the best natural beauty products. So no more excuses :) Join the Satva Family today!

What are the terms and pricing of the box?
Satva is a monthly subscription service that automatically renews on the 1st of every month at $14.99. Please note that sales tax will be charged for orders placed with a shipping address in a state in which we operate. Currently, sales tax is charged for orders shipping to California. There is also a 3 month prepay option (our most popular) which will auto renew every 3 months and a 6 month prepay option which will renew every 6 months.

What will I receive in the Satva Box?
Every month, you will receive around 3 to 4 carefully selected and curated natural beauty products.  These will be a mixture of sample, deluxe sample & sometimes full size products as well. The box is designed such that you can try some of the world's best natural beauty brands to make sure you like the colour, texture, fragrance etc before deciding to buy full size.  This is also an opportunity to try some of the best upcoming natural beauty brands & products.

What is the shipping policy?
For existing susbcriptions, we will ship  Satva Box around 20th of every month.  We will send you the tracking details once we ship the box.

When can I expect my first box?
New subscriptions placed by 20th of the current month - Your first box will be shipped around 20th of the current month. For example, if you subscribed to the box on Sept 12th your first box will be shipped around Sept 20th. You next renewal will be Oct 1st.

New subscriptions placed after the 20th of the current month - Your first box will be shipped by 15th of the next month. For example, if you subscribed to the box on Sept 25th your first box will be shipped around Oct 15th. Your next renewal will be Nov 1st. Since you will receive your first box only in October you won't be charged on Oct 1st.

How do renewals work?
3 month subscriptions renew every 3 months or after you receive 3 Satva Boxes.
6 month subscriptions renew every 6 months or after you receive 6 Satva Boxes.
12 month subscriptions renew every 12 months or after you receive 12 Satva Boxes.

Does Satva Box ship outside the US?
Currently we don't ship outside US.

What is the cancellation policy?
You have to cancel by logging into your account through your account page . When you cancel, you will stop renewing for the months or the renewal cycle you have not been charged yet. For example, if you cancel on Sept 12th, you will stop receiving boxes from October. You will still receive the September box because you would have been charged for September's box on 1st of September. The same is applicable to 3 month prepay and 6 month prepay renewal cycles as well.

How do I change my address?
You can login into your account through your account page to change your address. If you would like to change the address, change it asap so that you can receive the box at the current address. For current month’s box change it before 10th since the box will be assembled and packed after 10th. If you subscribe after 15th and if you move, please change the address asap or contact us at so that we can help you change. Please remember that you are responsible for keeping your address updated. Once the box has been shipped, it is not possible for us to ship to a different address.

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